Beauty secrets from a top make up artist - Lucy Bridge Nike Beauty event

I went along to Nike beauty event to learn the beauty secrets from a top make up artist. Lucy Bridge is part of Jedroot agency.  You know the MAJOR make up artist Kevyn Aucoin was on that agency website not long ago. MAJOR MAJOR! Lucy has worked with the likes of Rita Ora etc.
Lucy Bridge

Upon arrival, we were give healthy snacks and drinks. Celery, carrot sticks, and so on and coconut water and some smoothies from Blend & Press.

Lucy gave us the lowdown on superfoods to eat to make the skin glow and what her cult beauty products are. I can proudly say I have used and own most of the products she showcased. Such as the French favourite bioderma, Liz Earle hot polish, Aesop etc. I recently brought some of the coconut oil and have been using it on my toast; you can use it as a face mask too.

You heard it all before, and I will say it again, down the h2o to flush the toxins.

I met some other bloggers and regulars at the event during NTC week such as Chi Chi.

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