Getting the HD brows treatment

HD brows 

A wise person has once said “the eyes are the windows to one’s soul” and a great eyebrow really frames the face. I’m absolutely obsessed with well-groomed eyebrows. It’s one of basics thing you can do to transform your face.

What are HD brows? Well it’s a unique treatment to achieve a well-groomed, high definition eyebrow in 7 steps. Celebrity’s such as The Saturdays, Little Mix, Jenny Frost has had HD brows done.
Video below.

It’s been over a year since I went I got an HD eyebrow done, it’s not cheap as a treatment can cost £40. I was lucky to get a discount voucher from Strip around my birthday month and got them done for £25. J

The 7 steps are a combination of techniques from waxing, threading, tinting. I was very pleased with the results looking immaculate and somehow looked thicker. I did at first thought it looked a bit too dark, and too arch but the tint fades over time.

Whilst I got the treatment done, I also brought a few products, the HD brows palette and Talika lipcocils expert mythical eyelash conditional gel.

HD brow vamp palette

The HD brow palette is a must have in every MUA and beauty junkie collection. The mineral powder lasts for 24 hours, yes all day without moving or melting. Woohoo. I brought mine for £19.95.

Talika lipcocils expert mythical eyelash conditional gel is another amazing product it may seem pricey at £28, but I use it to set my eyebrows and encourage hair growth from over plucked brows. Full reviews on both products soon.

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