Nexus 7 minisuit open box [review]

There’s just something about gadgets and me, I just love a new shiny toy. Sometime last year I managed to save my money and invested in a Nexus 7. Often I find myself lazy to get my laptop out and reach for the tablet to watch my dramas.

I have been eyeing up a Bluetooth keyboard for a while and researched around and found the mini suit for a bargain of £20-25.  Honestly I’ve seen Logitech over pricing iPad accessories. Who’s going to pay £69 for one???

Inside the box is a PU leather keyboard case and a cable, the keyboard is detachable from the case and the case can be used as stand.

The version I have is a full keyboard including the ESC and DEL keys I’m still trying to figure a way to change the preferences for the @ sign on the number 2 to work. The keyboard is rechargeable and lasts ages, only found myself fully recharging it once since I’ve brought it. The installation was a breeze and only took minutes to pair the device to my tablet.

The case itself secures my nexus 7 table very well, and I have taken it out on occasions the PU leather turns it into rather sleek looking portfolio.

I highly recommend this keyboard to Nexus 7 2nd gen users, £20-25 is a real steal. I brought mine over amazon.

link here
MiniSuit Keyboard Stand Case for Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen (2013)

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