Sony QX-10 unboxing haul and mini review

There was one time when I was in Brick Lane shooting graffiti and a girl had one of the Sony QX lens style camera. It really intrigued me that this cool looking device can be attached and detached from a smartphone.
Sony QX10

At an event I went to recently I noticed another blogger with Sony QX-10 this time I observed what it was capable of. The lens only camera seems perfect for hard to shoot selfies. It also boasts a 10x optical zoom, and captures smooth even with low light and have 18mp.

Lucky for me I had Amazon credit loaded into my account, the current RRP is £170, but bagged the gadget for cheaper. J There’s a choice of white and gold or black, as I currently own the white iphone 5s I went for the white one.

The retail packaging came in a cylinder box, inside the lens style camera, a USB cable, and attachment to hook on to mobile phones, a strap, and the manuals. I also brought the GEM case for my lens for £10.

Installation was seriously easy, sticking the battery inside. The camera takes micro SD or m2 cards, which is handy. Pairing the device via wifi was straightforward.

The lens fits comfortably in the palm of my hands, small and tiny, a little odd to operate without a screen. The beauty is that you can also install the playmemories app on your smartphone and volia you can use the screen as a viewfinder.

Initial thoughts, a great fun device to use, even with some blind shooting. (Using the lens with no view finder) I managed to take some sharp shots. It is a pain that you need to connect the device to your wifi and then load up the app to use your phone as a viewfinder.

I also found it annoying that I cannot use playmemories to delete photos; I have to take out the memory card and use a memory card reader to plug to my MAC then delete photos. There's no flash, but it took some good photos in low light situations. 

Overall I love it so far for selfies and self time shots. Maybe the app can be updated with features later on. I’ve yet to update the software on my device.

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