Canon 600D haul and unboxing with sample images

YES YES YES! I finally did, I took the plunge and brought myself an SLR! I wanted to push the creative photography boundaries a long while ago. To be honest I think I’ve been pretty good with making the most of what gadgets on hand.

After a long decision between the Canon 600d and 60D, I went for the 600D. Purely on the base of I rather spend the extra ££ on lens and equipment then maybe move on to a better body. Oooo I’m eyeing up the 6D, and 7D already.

In the box I got the camera body and the EF-S 18-55 III lens kit, charger, strap, video cable and manual. Everyone new to photography, reading the manual gives you a lot of guidance. So read it!

So far I’ve been enjoying shooting with my Canon 600D, I took some beautiful shots over the weekend from the food events I’ve been.

Here are some sample images without and with some postproduction in Adobe Photshop. I cannot wait until I buy some more new lenses; I’ve already ordered filters to shoot.

Shoot straight from the camera without postproduction.

and here's a few that I edited with photoshop
me and my beauty station :) 

Canary Wharf

last stop

sk8er boi

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