I woke up like this FLAWESS! - Meet the experts Flawless Face Beatymart event

Beautiful skin comes from within; drink plenty of water to flush those toxins at bay. Antonia Burrell and Daniel Sandler was on hand to give us tips on how to create a flawless face starting with skincare.

It’s important to invest on some decent skincare, Antonia advise on double cleansing. Something I already do myself, a great product to use, is cleansing oil. It is key to try to get your skin to a PH 5.5 level, if you don’t know what’s yours. Try buying some testing strips from eBay; I learned from a Nu Skin event that mines is over the norm.

Did you know you shed over 10 millions of skin cells a day? Exfoliating your face every day is fine; just don’t use the abrasive type.

Next up, Daniel Sandler did a make up demonstration, simple smokey eye using eyeliner and some shadows, dewy glow base and a good contour.

I even got him to teach me to contour my face. I’m a huge fan of the sculpt and slim face powder.

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