The DIY £1.50 face mask Muji Face Masks

I picked up these Muji compressed woven masks many years back, I didn’t quite know how to use them. Until I asked the sales assistant a few years ago, as there were no instructions on the website before and I couldn’t read Japanese. Little did I know these Muji facemask will become a staple in my beauty regime, when I have the time to take care of my face. 

Here’s the perfect DIY hydrating mask anyone can make at home, taking only seconds to make and using one product from your beauty cupboard. A lotion, or you can use serums if you fancy.

The name says it all; it’s compressed cloth in a small coin size and with some liquid expands to a full-face mask. The perfect item for travelling or to take anywhere with you.

The trick is to pour your favourite lotion onto the compressed cloth and let it expand then place it on your face for 5-10 minutes. It’s a cheap DIY mask that refreshes your skin instantly and can you believe five pieces only cost £1.50? You can use it on any skin type and the best part is you chose anything to add to the mask.

I currently love my MAC softening lotion, ever since I started using the stuff for over 3 months my skin has improved. My horrible acne seems to have disappeared altogether, another post about how I cleared my acne in the future. The MAC softening, really aids the skin to looking brighter and feeling more supple. My skin has been going through a lot lately and has become dried out.

Be careful not to scare anyone, once you have it on, I like to chill out with my Muji Aroma diffuser inhaling natural oils to kick back and relaxing in my room.

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