My current skincare routine - how I cured my acne

I never had acne and spots in my early years, it’s not until I hit the late twenties I started developing bad skin. Going through countless skincare products, and recently changing jobs to a new environment. I realised the main cause was the wretched AIR CON. Near the end of my final days at my old job, I even started to develop asthma, again no signs of family history but I constantly coughed, breathing felt tight. That air con was the enemy, fast forward to new job with no air con, my asthma immediately went, and skin started to clear up.

 A lot of the skincare products I’m using right now I looked it up over at Paula Begoun website beautypedia. It’s been working out for me, plus I was drinking a lot more water to clear the toxins out the skin.

So here’s what I use on a daily and weekly basis.

Lush let the good times roll, it’s a thick paste where you add water and in circular motions rub on your face. It absolutely smells gorgeous with the popcorn and sweet smells. It’s a nice moisturising one for when my skin feels a little dry.

On oilier days I like to use Kiehl’s Ultra facial cleanser, to gently clean the skin, what’s great about this one it never leaves skin taut.

For my toner, I try and avoid any that contains alcohol; you know how alcohol makes you thirsty once you drink it, why would you want to dehydrate your skin. MAC softening lotion, makes my skin so baby soft and wipes off the rest of the impurities the cleanser did not do.

My moisturiser is another MAC product with all the fantastic ingredients with benefits; it brightens up the skin and does not make you look like a oil slick by the end of the end.

My night time regime I add a extra step and use my trusty DHC deep cleansing oil to remove foundation and eye make up. I’ve been a fan for many years and always go back to the product after trailing other brands.

Once or twice a week I like to exfoliate my dead skin, and MAC volcanic ash does the job brilliantly.

As you can see from my before and after photos my skin has dramatically change.

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