Muji diffuser review

Maybe it’s because I was born under the earth star sign, I feel more relaxed when I’m close to Mother Nature. To wind down I like to burn candles and play ambient music to get me in the mood for writing and relaxing.

On a recent trip to Muji, one of my favourite places to shop in London. I buy everything from there my pens, my stationary, beauty storage, trays.  For a long time I was debating wherever or not to buy the diffuser. Each time I step into their store its the first thing you see and smell, a glowing light using ultrasonic waves to vaporize water and essential oils.  I calculated spending numerous of amount of money on candles and perfume oils.

I was better off purchasing the Muji diffuser unit for £45 and buying essentials oils for real smells that last longer and being more cost efficient.

Filling up the tank with 100ml water and buying the £9.95 essentials oils set for 4. Adding a fill drops to the filled tank I turn the diffuser on for 180 minutes, the Muji diffuser creates a dry fragrant mist that fills the room up and the whole floor with the essential oils. There’s no need for me to be worried about burning the house down with an open flame, as this diffuser automatically turns off after the 180 minutes. For maintenance, all you need is citric acid the stuff you use to brew things and warm water.

I really do recommend buying one if you're into the whole relaxing to nice smells, want something that takes up a small amount of space, cost efficient and easy to clean.

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