my favourite book in 2014

Green peas, a common side dish in Japan, people laughed at her but Aomame is not your ordinary lady. Stuck in a traffic jam, Aomame is in a hurry. Climbing down the emergency staircase to make her meeting, she notices her surroundings are not the same 1984 as she knows. A world of two moons, one being green, the police are semi automatics and incidents she does not recall. We learn Aomame is a secret assassin who kills men for a dowager. Killing the men that are guilty of heavy of domestically abuse women.

We also have Tengo who gets caught up in his own scandal, a novel by Fuka-Eri arrives and his editor pushes Tengo to rewrite the novel. What does the little people, and air chrysalis mean? It turns out the novel is a true account of what happened at Fuka-Eri cult. Tengo and Aomame are connected somehow, meeting before in their childhood an incident, which leads them to never, forgot each other.

The little people are mad and want to punish Tengo and Aomame has killed the leader from Sakigake, currently on the run. It is a race against time, can they meet each other again and escape 1Q84 strange world?

1Q84 grips readers in this 3-part novel; its a bit of mystery, murder, alternative world and a love story. I like Harukai Murakami books; most of his works talk about parallel worlds in different characters point of view stories. 1Q84 was my favourite book I read this year and this post is my entry for Currys Amazon fire competition.

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